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Business Analyst and Software Consultant with over 20 years’ application experience seeking Software Quality Assurance, Application Development, Web Site Development, Training, Technical Writing, or Office Automation position.

Skill Summary
Acceptance test design
Application analysis
Compatibility testing
Computer course preparation
Custom application design
Data analysis
Database design
Documentation review
Integration testing
Office automation
Printer driver/server testing
Product evaluation
Report generation
Software problem tracking
Software product management
Software specification review
Technical sales/marketing
Technical support: Alpha/Beta/Customer
Technical writing and Help
Test automation
Test outline/script preparation
Trade shows and demonstrations
Training: on-site and classroom
User-interface testing
Web site development

Operating Systems:
Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95 & NT; OS/2; WFW; Windows 3.11; MS-DOS; Systems 6 & 7; XENIX
Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Netware, MS Net, LAN Manager, LAN Server
Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Netscape Navigator, Lotus Organizer, cc:Mail, BeyondMail, MeetingMaker, @Mail, Inbox, daVinci Mail, Lotus Express
Application Development:
HTML, Microsoft SQL Server, Dreamweaver, Websphere, Lotus Notes, LotusScript, dBase, Dataease Express for Windows, MS Access, Paradox, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Test, Visual BASIC, SourceSafe, SQA Team Test, Lotus Programming Language, MBASIC, CBASIC
Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, Multiplan, Quattro Pro, Supercalc, Ultracalc, Visicalc
Word Processors:
MS Word, MS Works, Lotus WordPro, WordPerfect, Lotus Manuscript, Wordstar

11/02-8/03 Operations Analyst, BeyondROI, Hallandale Beach, FL: Learned the current procedures of this Internet Marketing startup, made suggestions as to how they could be done better, and implemented some of those changes. Performed SQL queries on data to provide management with financial and client reports and to bring problem areas to their attention. Responsible for clients' setup packages, and getting their web sites into major engines through search engine submission and PPC engines so they would receive a high volume of targeted traffic. Evaluated major CRMs for internal use, and used Lotus Notes to mock up the design of an internal system built with Cold Fusion.

1996-2003 Contractor, Miami and Massachusetts: Automated and Manual Software Quality Assurance; Data Analysis; Code Review; Database Design and Development; Defect Tracking; Version Control; Office Automation and Technical Documentation for clients that include IVAX Corporation, Parker Reorder, Pro CD and New Boston Associates. Design websites, logos and banner ads in HTML for self, friends and family, sometimes using Javascript, Websphere and Dreamweaver

1995-1996 Systems Quality Engineer III, Lotus Development, Cambridge, MA: Tested Admin utility (used to create and maintain user entries and files, scheduling agents and clients. Maintained lab machines. Created matrix of possible combinations of OSs, networks, and e-mail software and versions involved while scheduling, and tested a subset thereof. Worked with development to identify and prioritize problems. Administered problem tracking system, including creating custom views, forms, and agents for the Organizer team, and working with IS to identify problem areas and wish-list items. Developed prototypes of a Test Plan Database in Lotus Notes. Smoke-tested clipboard functionality between Organizer and other suite applications.

1984-1995 Contractor, Massachusetts: Automated and Manual Software Quality Assurance; Code Review; Data Analysis; Database Design and Development; Defect Tracking; Version Control; End User Training; Paralegal; Foreign Language Word Processing and Editing; Office Automation and Technical Documentation for clients that include General Instrument, GTE International, Kurzweil Music Systems, Lotus Development Corporation, ON Technology, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Addison-Wesley, Computer Sciences Corporation and Wang.

Education: Fitchburg State, 1976-77, Foreign Language Major;
Miami-Dade Community College, 1976, Foreign Language Major;
Framingham State, 1975, Foreign Language Major
Training: Notes System Admin I & II and cc:Mail System Admin I & II
Took classes towards MCSE

Maureen Shea
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